Your posts have accomplished more than Kavanaugh's regrettable lies. But don't worry, another kaiju's at the breach.

Date:2018-09-26 22:59:00
Edited:2018-09-26 23:35:05
In Reply To:My posts have accomplished more than almost any post in the history of this board. So true (np) by Casual Observer
We have to keep them from penetrating America's inner sanctum until the midterms. That's when McConnell's viagra should wear off. Nothing kills lust like a Democratic filibuster. Once Mitch turtles we'll be safe until next spring's Beach Week. That's how Mitch gains the power needed to completely fuck America.

And then there's trump - who even makes Roosevelt's racism seem venial. He's back in rare form. Funny what happens when the world laughs at you.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

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