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Date:2018-09-23 02:36:12
A Breakthrough for U.S. Troops: Combat-Ready Pizza

NATICK, Mass — The American military calls its combat field rations M.R.E.’s, for Meals, Ready to Eat, since they require no cooking. But the troops long ago decided that those initials stood for Meals Refused by Everyone. The stuff may have been filling, but it sure wasn’t appetizing.

Worried about morale, the Army set out on a long-term effort to upgrade the menu with items that the troops might actually like. And its food scientists have finally hit on what many say is the holy grail of field rations: the M.R.E. pizza.

Now being shipped to military bases around the world, the newest of 24 current M.R.E. options is a humble three-by-five-inch Sicilian-style slice, scattered with melt-proof shreds of mozzarella and pebbles of mild pepperoni, sealed in a dun-colored laminate pouch.

To qualify for M.R.E. duty, a food item has to be able to survive years of storage in a dank ship’s hold or a sun-baked shipping container, withstand Arctic freezes and tropical monsoons, stave off assaults by insects, and remain intact through a parachute airdrop or even a free fall from 100 feet.

Forget 30-minute delivery — Army regulations say it has to stay fresh for 36 months. And after all that, the pizza still has to be tasty enough to eat.
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