Re: But who should be believed?

Date:2018-09-21 17:49:40
In Reply To:Re: But who should be believed? by coreystinson
Just not so sure it's something we can buy our way out of with carbon credits and fealty to our master's whims.
Eggsactly. Pure scientific objectivity has been clouded by alarmist activism rooted in the desire for a new hegemony over old systems. Look no further than folks like Al Gore to see the source of it. Meat eaters, freedom lovers, gun nuts, and their ilk need to be put back in their place.
Stipulated. And yet, climate change is a real thing. It's possible for the science to be real and for it to be used for politically nefarious ends. If anything, it's more powerful if it's real and the conversation is ceded to those political interests.

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