Re: For what it's worth...

Date:2018-08-14 12:12:18
In Reply To:For what it's worth... by Organchito
...back in the heady days of greater board engagement, the lengthy (sometimes days-long) threads between the representatives of the various political/philosophical factions on this board were quite interesting to read and influential in helping shape my own nascent thought along those lines. The back-and-forths between you and Matt Johnsan of Faeroaoh and NVD and TJ and Corey and John Frank and whoever else I'm forgetting made for very pleasant diversions during those downtimes at the office. So it wasn't all for naught—thank you!
I miss the old Pub. The dialogue wasn't always collegial, but I think the fact that so many of us knew each other IRL mostly kept arguments from getting out of hand. FB—what really replaced it—is a cesspool by comparison.

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