That's thinking like an American!

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2018-07-17 14:05:46
In Reply To:That's just useless gangsters taking each other out. A natural and healthy process. (np) by Troll's Hole
See, we're not so different!

BTW, some of us here are looking for a few new states that will reliably vote left. I know we've said some bad things about foreigners lately, but we're absolutely cool with you handsome and beautiful Swedes (the real ones... you know what I'm saying.) So if you're sick of paying high taxes to support loafers and reindeer herders, I think we could easily slot you in as East Minnesota or something. You wouldn't even have to give up your beloved lutfisk. And finally Daniel Gildenlow could tour here without the indignity of getting fingerprinted every time. Win/win! MAGA!

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