I saw this white girl pushing her stroller down the highway.

Author:Genghis Grim
Date:2018-05-15 17:57:13
And there was a black toddler inside. I said, "Wow. There goes Nick."

That's a double entendre for those of you too slow to understand my sense of humor. Things that played havoc on my grandparents' sensibilities doesn't bother me in the least. Kind of funny though the Russo brothers prognosticated fascist dingbats overthrowing the farm better than Robert A. Heinlein. Good thing they don't have a point and it's all just fantasy.

anonymous social network genius proclaimed:
Hulk got baptized by dem hands, that's all. All that psychological babble Marvel putting AFTER the fact, is just PR cover up. He found out in the first 10 minutes of the movie, what the rest of them did at the end. Give up them stones the easy way, or the hard way. Thanos baby.
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