Supermen were actually villains from concept.

Author:Genghis Grim
Date:2018-05-15 17:50:29
In Reply To:RIP Margot Kidder. She appeared in movies for children that I imagine some here would claim 'have a point' (np) by Casual Observer
Nazis started calling their legions supermen and it was probably a counterculture front to their dilapidated, social Darwinisms. WWII spawned a lot of Golden Age icons. Never was a DC guy. Marvel has always done a better job of reflecting social issues and man's tribal behaviorism. But sure Christopher Reeve brought a lot of attention to spinal injury and research. Now they can fuse spinal cords on quadriplegic mice. I think Smallville was well done but it's been ages since I watched an episode. Maybe one day they'll give Australia a higher profile hero than the psychedelic aboriginal doing mind melds with Logan.

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