True, but that's not always the case. Toy Story is basically Hamlet, which is why Disney hated it, but Jobs said FO.

Date:2018-05-15 14:24:43
Edited:2018-05-15 14:25:05
In Reply To:Re: Unforgiven, Diabolique, Pulp Fiction, Princess Bride, Fargo, Do the Right Thing, etc... are all better films by Genghis Grim
I'm looking forward to Ant Man 2, Incredibles 2 (though 14 years is a long time), and a few others.
I'm not even going to bother with Solo, or the next Star Wars. TLJ killed the latest trilogy for me. I can take a lot of disbelief, but only Yondu can do Mary Poppins, y'all.

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