Unforgiven, Diabolique, Pulp Fiction, Princess Bride, Fargo, Do the Right Thing, etc... are all better films

Date:2018-05-14 18:42:41
Edited:2018-05-14 22:31:04
In Reply To:No one could make better films than Lou Ferrigno until 1998 so what's the point? by Genghis Grim
Bon Jovi isn't better than Dream Theater, or Racer X, or Angra, etc... but he did push some big numbers.

I like the recent spate of superhero movies, but there's not much substance. Listen to McKee talk about Diabolique, or Fletcher discuss most of the other movies I mentioned, then compare them to our current superhero fad.

We don't need another steroid star, we need someone, like a Spike Lee, to create a movie embracing Brecht's alienation effect to force the audience (Americans) to think, and not put them to sleep by peeps wearing spandex.

The sleeping masses is how we got into our current mess.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

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