Re: And SPOILERS in my response as well...

Date:2018-05-14 17:18:11
In Reply To:Re: And SPOILERS in my response as well... by jimbobhickville
jimbobhickville proclaimed:

I thought it was great. They finally spent enough time establishing the bad guy's motives and making him compelling. Yes, they're going to reverse most of the things at the end, just like they did when it happened in the comics, but I'm hoping they don't reverse everything. One thing Marvel movies have lacked so far is any sense of mortality. They've killed off, what, 2 side characters in 18 movies (Quicksilver in Avengers 2 and the blue guy whose name escapes me in Guardians 2). And both of those were antagonists for a good portion of their roles. They couldn't even let Agent Coulson or Nick Fury stay dead, and they're really bit parts. So I predict Loki will stay dead because he was a bad guy for a while, Heimdall might because he's not really important now that Thor can summon bifrost, and that's it. Gamora will be back for Guardians 3, and all the people that were sucked into the soul stone at the end will be restored because most of them have movies in the works. Maybe they'll kill off Iron Man because it seemed super important that he survive the first round for Dr. Strange to give up the Time stone for his life.
Yeah, Stark is toast in the next one. They also made such a big deal about him dreaming that he and Pepper had a kid, that the next movie will likely be a couple years later, he sees his kid, then sacrifices himself to roll back time and save everyone else. They telegraphed that within the first few minutes. Rhoady is likely toast as well. Also, does Cheadle look a bit unhealthy to anyone else? Dude's always been slender, but he's looking a bit haggard in this latest one...

Cap is done because Evans seems Super Bored, and because he's apparently died in the comics. A few times I guess. *shrug*

Thor? Maybe. Didn't give a damn about the first two Thor movies (never even saw the second one), but Ragnarok was a blast, both for the audience and the cast. Maybe he'll stick around? Dunno. There's been a hand-off with that character as well. I'd love to see Hemsworth do more comedy. Dude's hilarious.

Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye... *shrug*

Nobody that turned into a dusty fart will stay dead. Any characters that died in other ways up through Vision will probably stay dead. MAYBE they'll find a different loophole for Gamora. Pity that I only enjoy the joke characters of GotG (Rocket, Groot, Drax, Mantis, the rest are boring or annoying).

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