Glory Hammer vs Hammerfall

Author:Casual Observer
Date:2018-05-13 02:07:31
In Reply To:Star Wars vs Marvel by Genghis Grim
They're both cheese merchants, trapped in a deservingly ridiculed and inherently titter-inducing sub-genre that automatically ensures the sort of guff they pump out will never be scrutinised too closely for the presence of actual artistic merit because anyone with actual talent and half a brain wouldn't be wasting their time being involved in it.

Just like the Star Wars and Marvel films. They're for shutting kids up for two hours and selling plastic crap to their parents. Nothing more. Claiming 'Marvel films have a point' like they're making some sort of societal statement akin to something Lars von Trier would come up with is both painfully ignorant of film making and completely ludicrous.

Marvel is to movies what Starbucks is to coffee: something to keep the idiots who can't find the good stuff happy.

nvandyk proclaimed:
Fuck off already. You really are an immense prick, you know that? Have been for years.
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