Re: I thought it was great as well as an interesting exercise in filmmaking...

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2018-05-11 12:25:10
In Reply To:I thought it was great as well as an interesting exercise in filmmaking... by nvandyk
This movie would not have been possible without ten years of movies leading up to it in order to introduce characters and give them backstories that are meaningful. Without that, you'd never be able to have as many characters come together in this way and have it be even remotely comprehensible. What you have as a result of this strategy is a superhero movie without the need for any origin stories, where motivations and universes and inter-character relationships are understood a priori, and that facilitates a breakneck pace of action sequences with enough dialogue to make the story richer but without the need to burden the film with a lot of exposition.
That's assuming one actually watches all that preceding crap.

So this is what a movie looks like when $2 billion dollars has been invested in story telling over a dozen films. It is literally spectacular.
Or you could just make a TV series which is a far superior format.

From a simple "does it deliver the goods" standpoint, I found it highly entertaining.

Black Panther, which is a fabulous film, may be even more impressive (I finally saw it). It was original, brilliantly written and directed and acted, and a smart commentary on race in the same way that Get Out was.
I didn't realize you were a black child nick.

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