And SPOILERS in my response as well...

Date:2018-05-11 00:31:04
Edited:2018-05-11 00:31:18
In Reply To:Spoilers in my post... by John Frank
Well, let's first remember that most people like their movies happy -- Marvel's not going to end a story the way that movie ended.

Going in, I was dimly aware that some characters might not make it. Naturally, I assume that those characters at the end of their film contracts (e.g., Downey) or without standalone franchise value (Ruffalo, ScarJo, Cheadle, etc.) would die, and those who recently made a lot of money (Thor, Black Panther) would live.

Obviously, things played out differently. But that's fine. I thought it was very enjoyable, even if it's predictable that half the universe would't die and then "The End!" shows up.
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