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Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2018-04-02 03:18:00
Edited:2018-04-02 03:19:24
In Reply To:These kids don't want to repeal the 2A, they simply don't want idiots owning firearms. It's not that complicated (nt) by Russ
I know not all of them want that. Some do. Not all gun owners feel the way Joe and I do about an absolute, literal interpretation of the Second and Tenth Amendments (along with the rest of the Constitution, if we wanted to do it right; but, John Adams killed that idea when he signed the Sedition Act).

Americans who want all guns criminalized should be able to live in such a place, within current U.S. borders. Joe and I should be able to live somewhere not far from where we do now, where we can walk into Walmart and buy a .50 caliber belt-fed machine gun.* You should be able to live somewhere close where guns are legal, with "common sense" regulation (i.e., NRA pre-1977).

Forcing the same way on all 300 million of us because Abe said so is wrong; "indivisible" my ass.

*=Not for Joe personally, as I know he's a pacifist.

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