Re: Let's have another pissing match about supply side economics, shall we?

Date:2018-03-28 02:49:32
In Reply To:Re: Let's have another pissing match about supply side economics, shall we? by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
Trickle down economics are not bullshit because they are not, in theory, possible, but because they do not, in reality, happen.
The only thing that ever appealed to me about trickle down economics was that it was more observation than theory.

People who don't like it are hung up on the definition of the word "trickle," I think.

Lots of aspiring poor folks clawed their way out of poverty by faking middle classness well enough based on television shows and other social cues. Sure, we were basically sucking the dick of rich people doing shit work for varying degrees of adequate or more pay and a crappy ass McMansions in pretentious suburbs full of assholes just like ourselves, but the results were unquestionably achievable. It did indeed trickle down.

It does trickle down. Rich fuckers are usually too dumb to do something marginally economically useful but philosophically insignificant like rebuilding all the indexes or collecting status reports or future discounting the net present value or some other kind of random dumbfuckery or whatever.

And I think they get it. Better than fomenting revolution or whatever intelligent and bored poor people might think up. Best to just buy us off. At a trickle.
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