If several billionaires pay less in taxes next year, some of them will put it where we want them to, some won't.

Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2018-03-12 00:00:19
Edited:2018-03-12 00:01:10
In Reply To:Re: Let's have another pissing match about supply side economics, shall we? by Matt Johnsen
As Nick has pointed out, any money they don't take out of the country or put in their home safe is reinvested in the economy. That said, putting it in the bank doesn't yield all of the benefits we're looking for. Some of them will create new jobs with it, some won't, and in each case our respective sides will point at it as absolute, empirical proof that supply side economic theory does/doesn't work.

I prefer economic theories that work some of the time, over ones that make acquiring wealth difficult while keeping old money in old hands, all in the interest of common economic security. That's a broad brushstoke, I realize. I've been surprised before by certain economic liberties enjoyed in Eurosocialist countries, and probably will be again. My sister runs a private school bus service in the heart of Commiefornia, of all places. But, it's the exception that defines the rule and what I see in a lot of the Western world amounts to a landed aristocracy and a lower middle class that can't move up.

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