Re: If I may ask....

Date:2018-01-22 05:48:15
In Reply To:If I may ask.... by TW
It’s not very practical. Cargo space is comically small — I can get a carry-on back in the trunk but not much more. Ingress / egress is a bit of a chore due to the doors, and the windows don’t roll down all the way to the sill. It’s a hybrid that only gets 15 miles or so (and that’s without aggressive driving) on a full charge before going to gas.

On the other hand, it’s the most beautiful car on the road other than exotics (I would include the DB11 in this group given its price point). The doors are cool as hell. It does get 40 MPG in the city on hybrid power which is remarkable for a car like that.

It is fast, but not as nimble as the M6 I had before. There are times when the latency when in economy mode is noticeable when the electric drive hands off to the IC engine, but these are relatively infrequent and the way the two motors are paired is an engineering marvel.

All in all — it’s great. I wish I had more cargo room but I love the car.
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