Re: Your tolerance for the stupidity of TESB is fueled by childhood nostalgia, but now your tank is low (np)

Date:2017-12-29 02:56:25
In Reply To:Re: Your tolerance for the stupidity of TESB is fueled by childhood nostalgia, but now your tank is low (np) by Kosh
The plot device of TESB is that Vader is an idiot who should have choked himself to death and put Boba Fett in charge of day to day operations in his place since Vader was completely incompetent at causing the empire to actually strike back and Fett was smart enough to track down an enemy using nothing but inductive reasoning.

Why chase the Millenium Falcon into the asteroid field? Zero strategic value. Sit back and shoot the rocks. Maybe you'll get lucky. Why chase it at all? There's no one on it other than Rebel leaders that you're trying to kill. Blow up the whole rebel base on Hoth except for Han, Leia, Chewie, and some robots because I need to catch Luke. Why drag in bounty hunters? The plan was simple. Find the Rebel base and destroy them all. Leia included. Millenium Falcon flew into asteroid field. Fuck it. Small potatoes. Millenium Falcon flying into Cloud City and we're already here. Kablooey. Vader can't do anything right in this movie. He's weak and incompetent.

Granted the new movie isn't much better. Colonel Shiney Armor has the clone soldier back but let's not blast him. Let's give a long speech and use these dumb fucking laser axes to chop off their heads. Same crap. New movie.

There isn't a single girl in the entire world who would buy a Vice Admiral Holdo doll if they didn't have her being the toughest bitch in the universe driving the car for two hours all the way down to Empty. Purple hair and a vagina isn't going to cut it. They'd opt for the fat Chink instead. Same as snow speeders. Toys. Imperial Walkers. Toys. Bounty Hunters. Toys. Snow troopers. Toys. Why a Dreadnought instead of a Super Star Destroyer? Toys.

It's a advertisement to kids to sell toys and has been since the beginning. At least the director of this one had the stones to say Fuck The Canon. Fuck It Hard. Right Up The Ass. Lucas has always been completely full of shit. Who is Rey? Who gives a shit? She's a nobody. Who is Snoke? Fuck him. He's sliced in half. Are the Jedi coming back? The Jedis were dumb asses. Is Kylo Ren going to be Vader - don't know - all he's got is a stupid fucking helmet. Doesn't matter any more. Johnson advanced the story forward. Same as Brackett and Kasdan did with Empire. Fuck the he killed your dad story. He is your dad is more interesting. Let's make the wizards dishonest motherfuckers. They're more interesting that way.
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