What are your thoughts on The Last Jedi? SPOILERS

Date:2017-12-22 21:42:01
I had no expectations, but I was a bit suspicious since its run time is 2.5 hours, and that's usually a sign of bad scripting. Lo and behold it did suck. A mess of a script, pretty campy and with plenty of plot holes. Like watching "Lost" where mysteries are introduced but no answers are provided in the end. Luke Skywalker appears as a bum in some island drinking Walrus Milk and living among the Rats of Nimm. The main bad guy gets killed for no apparent reason, the resitance is taking pot shots from the bad guys in the slowest space pursuit ever and there are too many fucking furry animals all over the place. Yes, the porgs and others that look like My Little Pony. I hate to say it but I'd take Jar Jar Binks over this mess any day.

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