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Date:2017-10-13 02:21:04
In Reply To:Agreed! by nvandyk
I think Noises Off was an adaptation of a play -- it certainly looks as though it was -- so she may not get full credit for that but damn was that ever funny. Totally underrated.
Yeah, I believe it was. I think I tried to find it on dvd a few years back without luck. I wonder if that has changed. Off to amazon.
As for Joe vs the Volcano, it's very quirky and original and in the same part of the universe as Being John Malkovich. I remember watching this in college and as they bring out Abe Vigoda in the chief outfit, there is chanting in the background -- we swore that we heard somebody shout "AH-be vi-go-DA!" in the background but I'm sure that was wishful revisioning. :) I just bought this on blu ray and intend to watch it when I have some time.
I'm pleasantly surprised that you enjoy that one. It's an endlessly quotable movie, too.

Joe: what is that you got there, like a teddy bear or something?
Chief: it is my soul
Joe: well, I hope you don't lose it then

Man, I need to watch that again.

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