I bet her attorney has the prettiest letterhead in town

Author:Genghis Grim
Date:2017-08-07 06:33:31
In Reply To:Re: Has Eric Bolling sent you any dick pics? by BenMech
Some rare, handmade, Italian paper that runs $100 for a 36 x 24 sheet. Got the finest engravers. They're probably going old school with monarch sizes and European dimensions. Put a little wax seal on the envelope. I would like to be a fly on the wall when that baby comes in.
I bet if I put it on the light table the watermark says smooth up ya.

Woo baby. I love to be on that IPO next year with her and the Mooch's wife. They could start their own multi-million dollar water bottle company. Selling sixty dollar water bottles to all the Proggers at the festivals this year.

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