Re: Here's the reality. CO is right.

Date:2017-07-28 19:29:43
Edited:2017-07-28 19:31:06
In Reply To:Re: Here's the reality. CO is right. by John Frank
John Frank proclaimed:
Actually, it is quite possible that the Comey bullshit in late October cost her enough votes to swing the closest states to Trump, thus losing the election.
Except that -- in the wake of all that and the full realization that she was exonerated by Comey and DESPITE everything Trump has done since he's taken office which has turned the stomach of all but his most ardent supporters -- she STILL has a lower favorable rating than he does.

But yeah, she was a flawed candidate. Trump never should have had a chance.
Agreed. How both parties managed to blow this one is beyond me. There was a big undercurrent of "screw the establishment politicians" for sure, and that didn't help either HRC or one of the sane Republicans (take John Kasich as an example).
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