Re: Hillary Clinton’s New Book ‘What Happened’ Examines 2016 Campaign

Date:2017-07-28 15:12:20
In Reply To:Re: Hillary Clinton’s New Book ‘What Happened’ Examines 2016 Campaign by Matt Johnsen
Arguing about which politician is better is like arguing about which pile of shit smells the most or the least like flowers.
This is a useless cynicism whose only virtue is that it absolves you of any responsibility to partake in the civic discourse.
Basically most government cronies are criminals in a sense. I mean look at many of the people we have in office. He'll look at most of Trump's cabinet! People like myself have a harsh cynicism because of the fact lobbyists and corporations have most of these people in their hip pocket. I used to not be so cynical but with the political spectrum the way it is now. To me it's a joke.

If being a lying scumbag piece of shit is part of being a politician which they usually go hand in hand Hillary and Trump are both more than qualified. I think what Chris was trying to say is because of the DNC bullshitsnd the lying and the corruption Hillary isn't "qualified". Problem is name me a politician hasn't lied and schemed......don't worry I'll wait.
So your standard for politicians is higher than for any other human being doing any other kind of work? Who doesn't lie? Who hasn't schemed?
They are in a position of leadership and should be held to a higher standard. Our taxes pay these people's salaries and they should have their best interest in mind. Most of them don't. It's all about the almighty dollar.

As casual said....Clinton lost to Obama and Trump
her foundation is only one slight step above trump university.
There is no comparison between the two. None whatsoever. Saying otherwise only reveals a deep, deep ignorance.
Sure there is. Clintons are corrupt and Trump university is or shall I say was a fraud. Like his campaign promises.
The Trump administration and Republican Party combined are a giant walking diaper stain.
I agree with you and support you now!
Since Trump got in .....people like Dwayne
Johnson and
Kid Rock want to run for public office.
Trump isn't the only entertainer to win office. It happens all the time. Some of them are even good at the job. I wouldn't expect much from Kid Rock, but I guess it's not outside the realm of possibility that Johnson could be okay. Who knows? Al Franken turned out to be a pretty excellent senator.
At least Trump made his money exploiting it so he knows how the economy works somewhat.
Trump very obviously does not understand how the economy works. He's excellent at fraud, however. One of the best!

Of course he knows how it works. He knows how to exploit its loopholes and make money because of them. Much like a lot of other big businessmen. He got rich on the backs of the poor has products for his companies being made in china then says "We need to bring more jobs here damnit!".

It's a joke right now. You have a reality TV star who is hiring idiots and family members into his cabinet and firing them just as if he was still hosting the apprentice then replaces them with an even bigger goober. Give me a break. You questioned my cynicism? This shit adds to it. My political beliefs also touch both spectrums. I believe someone on this board called me a "Classical liberal".

I still can't get over the fact that a man who I watched shave Vince McMahons head bald at wrestle mania 11 years ago is president and he even has Linda McMahon in his cabinet!
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