Re: Hillary Clinton’s New Book ‘What Happened’ Examines 2016 Campaign

Author:Chris F5
Date:2017-07-28 13:24:18
In Reply To:Re: Hillary Clinton’s New Book ‘What Happened’ Examines 2016 Campaign by TW
The one really good thing to come about out of the past 18 months is that it exposes how dangerously biased the media is..(for those with an open enough mind to see it)

He/she who controls the media controls the people

*disclaimer *
Fox isn't innocent either as early in the process they were the Jeb Bush/established propaganda feed if you remember they did everything in their power to be a time Trump..then all of a sudden when it looked like he actually had a shot tk win the entire thing they flip flopped..)

75% of the mass media have been the propaganda of Hillary throughout the entire process she was the "chosen one" look at what happened in the much as I despise socialism..Sanders got royally fucked...the Media fucked with the polls prematurely..did everything in their power to stop a groundswell that really looked like it could have helped Bernie contest the nomination..
The media then pushed awayou a large block of voters that wereally rightfully pissed about this (that could have been the difference in November if those alienated saw that Trunp was a greater evil but were basicly disenfranchised by what happened)
Look at how the media has portrayed anyone that didnt vote for Hillary..
Yes I'm compating most the mainstime media to Goerbals propaganda in the 30s...because to those of us who didn't vote for her this is a reality
Look at social media...the wars between groups...

What you have seen is a coronation that was all but assured run into a bric6k wall...because people who were open minded saw what was happening and said fuck this...and now the curtain has been pulled back..

Hillary lost because she had no platform (well..she did but like 80% of the country on both sides nobody bothered to research and read it )
She used the bully pulpit of her puppet media and was arrogant in thinking there is no way she would lose

That to me does not make her even remotely qualified

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