It's actually incredibly complicated, probably too much so for you to understand.

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2017-06-12 06:02:58
In Reply To:Re: I'm sure you've all come to accept eurosocialism as the one true faith by now. by T.J. Swoboda

...Yes, this. :-P Imagine a fascist country that American conservatives like to point at and say "the trains run on time there." But the thing is, while this fascist country does have a lot of trains, they seldom run on time. But, because they have a lot of them conservatives like to say that they run on time.
When did you ride trains in Cuba?
That's where Cuba, and a lot of other far less authoritarian countries, are at (to my eyes) with heathcare. "Universal" and "good" are separate qualities.
Basically it's "good" healthcare for everyone instead of "a little bit better than good" healthcare for Nick only.

As an added bonus, come to Europe and you're a billion times less likely to need healthcare in the first place since you probably won't ever get shot a single time! Just make sure to not walk in the middle of any roads, just in case an ISIS wannabe guy steals a truck and you'll be fine.

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