It's actually incredibly complicated, probably too much so for you to understand.

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2017-06-10 18:45:19
In Reply To:Re: I'm sure you've all come to accept eurosocialism as the one true faith by now. by Matt Johnsen
The only people in the world who still resist are voters of reality show celebrities, ie highly unintelligent gun owners whose opinions don't need to be respected, and also half of the entire United States. So there's nothing more to debate really. You should all just move to Canada.
The problem with all the better countries is that they're all really fucking cold. This is unacceptable. I demand centrally planned weather. Is that too much to ask for?
In general, the colder the weather the better the country of course. But you can find a reasonable compromise in Mediterranean Europe. Absurdly inferior by my standards, certainly, but far superior to what you're currently having.

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