Ripping Blu Rays with forced subs (limited Godfather content as well)

Author:T.J. Swoboda
Date:2014-11-26 22:33:09
For my latest question that Casual will probably answer with the first result on Google that somehow eluded me, I present this: I've ripped The Godfather Part II with MakeMKV a few times, playing with the subtitle options each time. Any subtitles I tell it to include end up on the list of supposedly available subtitles when I play the file in VLC. Yet, during the scenes where they're speaking Italian, no subtitles show, with or without English 1 or English 2 checked in VLC's options (or any other language I included in the rip).

I tried playing the file in Windows Media Player with the same result, so the problem seems to be on the ripping end. The only subtitles I actually want to show are the "forced" ones, the subtitles that are supposed to show whether you have them turned on or not (such as when a foreign language is being spoken in an otherwise English movie). Everything I'm reading on this makes it sound problematic, largely because forced subs aren't always encoded the way they should be on Blu Ray discs.

So... Anything I should be doing differently in MakeMKV? Is there a command line incantation in Linux that would work better?

(right-click and view, image is much bigger)

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