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Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-11 03:19:11
Edited:2019-03-11 11:22:25
In Reply To:I give great thanks to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that I have no idea what this is about (np) by Joe-×
Just the new board drama queen who got so butthurt about the fact that I got sick of him hurling low key insults at Nick and Kyle,bitching that I wont admit to a fault I don't have that he made up(because i called hin out about his life).
So he basicly made yet another of his 500 threads complaining about something (if you notice every thread every post he is complaining about a person or something)in attempt to get people to pile on to make himself feel better at night because I'm not doing what he wants,not to mention employing every SJW tactic in tbe book gk shut me down by vilifying any attempt to defend myself as abusive and what not.
Also add a side of wannabe internet psychiatrists making up terms yo justify bullying in an attempt to blame tbe victim,a cameo by the usual 86 lb self diagnosed mentally I'll little boy patting himself on tbe back for a personal attack 11 years ago,and the usual vultures.

Basicly Nos has made this entire forum about himself to cry and complain about every thing in existence.

And people wonder why this place is dying

Carry on,that's all I have for this subjet,I dont need to get the last word in on a thread that is showing the true colors of a few

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