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Date:2019-03-10 15:53:53
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My favorite eps were often involved the once rich and varied supporting cast. CaT (Chris & Tony) often pulled the best performances from the new guys. Unfortunately most of these electrifying performances were short-lived as the actors who filled those roles wouldn't typically renew their contracts for later seasons. They opted to find better work.

But off the tops of my head:

Russ and Tony: Two divas, one mic. That episode pulled some pretty high ratings, enough to revisit the episode with an additional cast of characters (the Ghosts of Chris' past being some of the most popular).

Nick versus the Poor. So much damned logic, and eloquent arguments, yet concrete solutions never materialize. It's the damndest thing. That episode gets revisited sometimes, but it seems to have devolved into a bunch of recycled lines and props, which is strange since the location has changed completely yet they're still arguing about the blue shades - to windows that no longer exist.

St. Joe visits Planned Parenthood: always a fun time, though Joe often tried to go off-script and interject reason and logic into a number of episodes, often with spectacularly bad results. Nothing angers a struggling actor more than asking them to think - especially when they're wrong, and the camera's rolling.

Neil Kernon vs the deaf

RR's war against logic (a Joe x exclusive)

Ben's acerbicisms - this older storyline centered on one young posters inability to communicate with others without inadvertently pissing them off.... oh what fun times.. this story served as the prelude to:

The Curse of the ChrisBen. Two characters with a few overlapping personality traits find their arch-nemesis (nemesis, nemesisii? FIIK). This subplot has been a staple of the show since its triumphant debut years ago.

TV Guide called it, "The Dumb and Dumber of the interweb," while Al Gore admitted privately at one of his Global Warming Fundraisers that the Curse of the ChrisBen gave him nightmares. He said he sometimes regrets creating the internet because of the profound impact this episode has had on his life. "It's more troubling than a hanging chad," he was rumored to have said at one point.

But there have been so many eps, with such a rich, varied cast, it's hard to pick a favorite.

NP: staring at a screen full of scenes trying to put the fuckers into a cohesive order... and apparently doing anything to get out of it
You forgot the amount of episodes with you acting and looking like an asshat.
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