Re: A question for you

Date:2019-03-09 17:02:45
In Reply To:Re: A question for you by Nosferatwo
My question is. WHY do you care what he says or thinks about you? Why does it matter?
I don't care what he thinks of me on a personal level, but I do care about being accused of doing things I didn't do.

If he doesn't like me because I'm combative, that's fine. If he doesn't like me because I don't agree with him, that's fine.

What he did was directly accuse me of something untrue, and then spend a month running away every time I asked him to either point out where I did the supposed thing, or admit he was wrong.

I think I at least deserve the hate directed at me to be for legitimate reasons.
But he’s some stranger over the internet. He has zero
Impact on your life and his opinion really shouldn’t matter to you. How does what he thinks affect you in anyway? If he said that you worship the Cookie Monster and probably jerk off to Kermit the frog does it really matter? Will it have any impact on your life or change anything one way or the other? My point is WHY letit bother you? 😊
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