Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-09 16:44:44
In Reply To:A question for you by TW
Let's see
Who responded multiple times when he told me to ignore me?
Who started ANOTHER thread to gather troops to start a dog pile?
Who started bitching making up theories about why others aren't joining in?
Who also blames everyone else for his shortcomings then twists it on those people?

Now the made up bullshit "persecution complex" (which is nothing more than a blame the victim type of "diagnosis "to justify bullying,my girlfriend's older sister was "diagnosed " with this in high school to cover up a bully problem and ended up forcing her to drop out of school for her own safety.Its also now one of the SJW bullying tactics to justify people ganging up on someone .

He has played every card in the book

And if you notice a pattern he does this with a lot of people he feels he has power over...

Sadly Grim isnt here anymore because of how and what he did to him because he saw a weakness and caused him to melt down

Creationism: The belief that one incestuous family populated the Earth...TWICE

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