A question for you

Date:2019-03-09 16:33:23
In Reply To:You appear to have a persecution complex... by Nosferatwo
the worthless bottom feeders that have the same resentment for my existence,BTW which fuels me
That's where this whole mess started; with you claiming people blame you for their lives, and are out to tear your riches out of your hands.

That never happened. It was never said. Your anger, your insults, it all stems from a belief you put in your own head that isn't real. That's what I've been trying to get you to admit this whole time.
My question is. WHY do you care what he says or thinks about you? Why does it matter? He’s some dude over the internet that you don’t know and probably never will meet so why does his opinion of you matter? If you saynit doesnt you’re full of shit because it’s affected you so much you keep responding and on top of that you started an entire thread on this. Do YOU have the insecurity issue? Because insecure people are usually the ones who get butthurt over words said to them on the internet.

On another note. His opinion shouldn’t matter to you
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