Awe how cute,the shitflies are all gathered to the same turd(Nos)...

Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-08 23:33:17
Edited:2019-03-09 01:42:59
In Reply To:Re: Let's break down this F5 shit-storm by BenMech
BenMech proclaimed:
The reason for the absense of comments from other posters is obvious. I think it's an exercise in futility right now. You try to bring some sense into things and he basically thinks you're the enemy and proceeds to cut and paste the following:

1. I have alpha male tendencies
2. You blame me for your shortcomings
3. Youre jealous of my success and Nick's
4. You're a docile bitch

Joe-x tried to help, too in the nicest possible way a while back but was also labeled an idiot, nutcase, you name it. This is probably the last thread related to this that I'll reply to, because as much as I think he's not a bad guy, this is too much drama lol.

In one post, many many many years ago (may be decades?), after a personal attack on me, I retorted back the exact harshest thing to say to him, with pinpoint precision. I never had to say it again, but it got me labeled enemy of the state forevermore.
It's funny how you keep patting yourself on the back about an unprovoked personal attack against me 11 years ago.
Congrats on your life achievement,the highlight of your life.
Considering how our lives have diverged since then I'm pointing and laughing,at you.
And nice of you to again blame others for your actions and ensuring consequences (your last line)
I heard you had an awesome 2018,couldnt have happened to a better person.Who are you blaming for this failure besides the person looking back at you in the mirror again

And for people thinking I have an anger issue..the fact I didnt cause permanent life changing painful injuries like Ben deserved should dispel that myth..
Speaking of Prog Power,funny how you go around telling people you were banned and blame evil Glenn and talk shit on him (then predictably blame him for getting banned )when the reality is that you use this as an excuse because so many people want to kick your ass and maul you that you wont show your face.Truth.Im the absolute least of your worries trust me because I have zero to gain by doing this (one because everyone knows how it would turn out favoring me and 2 I really dont want to have you earning an extra paycheck at my expense for doing something that would be a foregone conclusion in the first place)

But anyways ..sorry to.disturb the loser circle jerk,I wont interrupt anymore,while yall try to dig up people to pile on (and trust me,anyone piling on would legit be the worthless bottom feeders that have the same resentment for my existence,BTW which fuels me,want me to go away,ignore me)en mass from the safety of their wifi or what not and not do it face to face

On..and Nos,this entire thread proves everything I have said
A real man would have not made this thread to try to gang up and dog pile because you need the support of your but buddies
The person who is secure in himself will come back on Monday and laugh at the very existence of anyone who jumps in and wasts time and energy on this when they could be doing something more productive.

Have at it because some of us have actual things to do

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