Re: Let's break down this F5 shit-storm

Date:2019-03-08 23:14:17
In Reply To:Re: Let's break down this F5 shit-storm by Kosh
The reason for the absense of comments from other posters is obvious. I think it's an exercise in futility right now. You try to bring some sense into things and he basically thinks you're the enemy and proceeds to cut and paste the following:

1. I have alpha male tendencies
2. You blame me for your shortcomings
3. Youre jealous of my success and Nick's
4. You're a docile bitch

Joe-x tried to help, too in the nicest possible way a while back but was also labeled an idiot, nutcase, you name it. This is probably the last thread related to this that I'll reply to, because as much as I think he's not a bad guy, this is too much drama lol.

In one post, many many many years ago (may be decades?), after a personal attack on me, I retorted back the exact harshest thing to say to him, with pinpoint precision. I never had to say it again, but it got me labeled enemy of the state forevermore.
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