Re: Holy crap dude

Date:2019-03-08 22:24:19
In Reply To:Holy crap dude by Kosh
Admitting ones shortcomings is not being a docile bitch. But whatever man, keep writing about how much everyone is jealous of whatever your success, cause that obviously is the problem. BTW, I never see Nick replying to these crazy posts of yours, that's a good sign of someone avoiding the absurdity of this "you're just jealous of me and Nick" diatribe you keep repeating over and over.
So what you’re saying is that since you would admit your anger issues and shortcomings you aren’t a douche bitch? Because regardless of whether you would admit it or not.....You still are one and always have been. You are one of the biggest crybaby fucktard losers on here that I’ve ever seen. Always bitching and complaining about someone’s post like a whiney little bitch. Usually there’s always always a board idiot who keeps making an ass of himself. Nos has that title now.....but don’t kid yourself, you aren’t far behind bub 😉
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