Didn't you just suggest a few hours ago to keep your name out of my mouth?

Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-08 22:03:41
Edited:2019-03-08 22:24:09
In Reply To:Re: Holy crap dude by Nosferatwo
Well seeing as I don't like dicks in my mouth as a hetero I have no problem with this and would gladly oblige..

1.you create a call out post to gather sympathy and hope the like minded people(who's opinion I care about about as much as the after effects of eating 2 day old convenience store sushi)for a pile on to make yourself feel better about yourself

2.Respond in your usual "I'm not jealous,but I hate you and what you are about "loser's lament.

So why don't you take your butt buddy and practice what you preach..

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