Re: Holy crap dude

Date:2019-03-08 21:25:29
In Reply To:Re: Holy crap dude by Chris F5
Sorry,but I look around here,why would I want to listen to a group of people who basicly have underachieved in life on every level,accepted mediocrity,live in a greyscale world,and just exist in their own bubble of their creation
Who are these underachievers? Who are these people you're talking about?

a group of docile greyscale dwellers that resent other's achieving,which this place is infested with,apparently included in you because this is yet another bad attempt to change what you perceive as someone who offends your world view because they wont conform to your docile mediocrity.
That made zero sense. You offend my world view because you don't conform with my "docile mediocrity"? This sounds like a villain line from a Pixar movie lol. Sorry man, but that made no sense. I don't known you, you don't know me, so a statement like that is beyond ridiculous.

Who in their right mind is going to listen and change their life for this bunch on here,that have not accomplished one thing of note in their lives,probably have not had sex with a woman or settled for the first human with a hole,no dick and milk bags,and do nothing but bictch about how life isnt fair
you obviously must know each and every single person here personally, to even know if they had sex or not. Good God.

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