Re: Holy crap dude

Date:2019-03-08 21:03:16
Edited:2019-03-08 21:36:08
In Reply To:Re: Holy crap dude by Chris F5
Sorry,but I look around here,why would I want to listen to a group of people who basicly have underachieved in life on every level,accepted mediocrity
You don't know jack shit about the lives of many of us. You're projecting.
probably have not had sex with a woman or settled for the first human with a hole,no dick and milk bags,and do nothing but bictch about how life isnt fair?
I'm getting a very clear picture; your posts give the strong impression you think sex and money are what make someone a 'winner'.

I'm not even going to touch on how your comments seem to reduce a woman's worth to her looks.
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