Re: Holy crap dude

Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-08 20:53:10
In Reply To:Holy crap dude by Kosh
Kosh proclaimed:
Admitting ones shortcomings is not being a docile bitch. But whatever man, keep writing about how much everyone is jealous of whatever your success, cause that obviously is the problem. BTW, I never see Nick replying to these crazy posts of yours, that's a good sign of someone avoiding the absurdity of this "you're just jealous of me and Nick" diatribe you keep repeating over and over.
Because me and Nick talk in private,and if you noticed he doesn't post much here anymore.And what we speak about doesn't ever leave our PMs or phone conversations or what not so interpret this how you may.(not to mention he is too busy to deal with the toxic nature of this board)
And FWIW Nick is one of the biggest role models in my life and a legit life coach because I looked up go him with how he went from where he was to being off the charts successful with music and everything else in his life,and I will defend him to my death if I have go because I wouldn't be here right now if it wasnt for him..
And you might want to try some reading comprehension because I said I had shortcomings and I overcame them,its just like others who tried go drag me down to their level that are upset that I didnt brainwash myself into their greyscale level of existence to justify their level in life.

Sorry,but I look around here,why would I want to listen to a group of people who basicly have underachieved in life on every level,accepted mediocrity,live in a greyscale world,and just exist in their own bubble of their creation when I want much better than that for myself on every level?I'm going out and changing and learning about myself and taking time and effort to improve every actual aspect in my life in a way that benefits me and the people in care about that have been there for me unconditionally through this ride.And there in lies the problem with y'all,benefiting myself.Not a group of docile greyscale dwellers that resent other's achieving,which this place is infested with,apparently included in you because this is yet another bad attempt to change what you perceive as someone who offends your world view because they wont conform to your docile mediocrity.
It's the classic gang up and attempt to socially bully and wear down someone in an attempt to conform with this made up bullshit you spew.
Who in their right mind is going to listen and change their life for this bunch on here,that have not accomplished one thing of note in their lives,probably have not had sex with a woman or settled for the first human with a hole,no dick and milk bags,and do nothing but bictch about how life isnt fair?
Yeah this place is a role.model for someone wanting to change their lives for the better....said nobody ever..

Just stop with this

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