I am also an Online Amateur Hobby Psychologist with plenty to offer. Here's my report.

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-03-08 18:58:33
In Reply To:Do you have a certificate that makes you qualified to offer unsolicited psychiatric advice? by Chris F5
You currently have a very desperate need to be recognized as a successful alpha male. Perhaps it stems from your self-perceived previous "failures in life", which is also the root cause of the very sensitive beta male induced triggers. Whenever you read a post from someone displaying that you perceive as qualities of failure, you are seeing your past self reflected right back at you. A past self that you absolutely loathe and must disown at any cost.

This explain your anger issues with the so called failures. You must defeat them mercilessly, because doing so is defeating your past self. This allows people to see the new alpha Chris shine through and prevail! Any online attack on new alpha Chris is an attempt at dragging him down to the ways of old beta Chris. This will not be tolerated!

Your past self is so painful, so unacceptable to you that he must not be let out under any circumstances. Any implied failure is strictly forbidden and is not to be part of your reality. As such, any success that is experienced is amplified exponentially in your mind and in conversations. You are the most wildly successful, wealthy and promiscuous truck driver the world has ever seen. Anything less would be disastrous.

So we need to work on silencing your inner beast that does not tolerate your past self. You must learn to love beta Chris and be able to show him gratitude for the life lessons he has provided you. Only then can you find true peace. I recommend meditation and masturbation.

Or whatever, I don't fucking know. That'll be $200 though. Don't be a bitch, you know you can afford it. Unlike those beta cucks am I right? They won't get a report from me.

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