Do you have a certificate that makes you qualified to offer unsolicited psychiatric advice?

Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-08 16:35:11
Edited:2019-03-08 16:45:24
In Reply To:Good piece of advice: work on your anger by Kosh
Then do me a favor and stop sticking your nose in my buisness whenever I excersise my right to defend myself against attacks in any way I see fit
You have a very long and bad habit of wrongfully telling me to be a nice docile bitch and just accept any attacks and shit against me,as have others.
It doesn't work that way.
The only thing I might admit is that I don't fit in with this scene with the mentality that exists here,which isnt a bad thing considering where I am in my life compared to
I mean,why wound me,Nick,others who have become successful in their lives because they actually admitted flaws and and did the self work to improve their lives while the rest of the mass still stayed stagnant in their own self created bubble of mediocrity,and have been increasingly resentful of us actually advancing in life.

What we are seeing is a bunch of people who will use every social bullying tactic in the books to play psychology warfare on us,and you just did this.
Someone defends themselves against attacks and now they are insecure with anger issues?You are not qualified to make this diagnosis not having a PHD in psychology,I pay good money to talk to an actual person every week (and not once has she said this to me ),nor is any other person in this tribe dwelling in grey scale trying to drag the rest of us back down to their level.
And if I had such "anger issues " wouldn't I have been arrested multiple times for fights and have a record that would prevent me from traveling internationally as much as I do?
Oh and having these anger issues would be quite the issue with me and my glamour photography.
Nothing more than a made up twist to stop me from defending myself.

So just stop,because you are indeed part of the problem

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