Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this

Date:2019-03-08 16:21:44
In Reply To:Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this by squarooticus
squarooticus proclaimed:
I would not be in favor holding someone down and vaccinating them against their will
You've never had a kid who knew that needles hurt and saw it coming or you'd understand that this is one of the parts of being a grownup. Both my kids screamed like lunatics and squirmed like mad as soon as the needle came into view from the time that they were about 9 months. Force them forcibly. Cajole them with bribery. Use reason. That's the progression over time.

This is a nice sentiment, but the pro-vaxxers are liars. This is exactly what they want, freedom be damned. Same as taxes.

NB: By the decision of me and my wife, my wife and I have compelled our kids to receive every vaccination on the schedule, including Gardasil. As adults, they are now compelled by their employers to get all vaccines.
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