Let's break down this F5 shit-storm

Date:2019-03-08 15:39:58
Edited:2019-03-08 15:40:43
- It started with him saying:

all I keep seeing from your responses is blaming me for your shortcomings
- I point out I don't talk about my personal life on here, so he is lying about what I've said, and that he can't provide a single time I've done so.

- Rather than apologize, or tell me what he's referring to, he ignores me.

- I mention he is never going to own up to his mistake/lie.

- He says:

Still bleeding out of his man vag

a real man would do
Get pissed off,get on a plane,come down here and take it himself

Nos is shit and should be treated as such
He's the one who took discussions (some very heated) that were about ideas and made them personal.

He's the one who is cursing and throwing around insults like a little child.

He's the one calling himself an 'alpha male', despite not owning up to what he said.

And yet I'm the one being called the bad guy. All I wanted is for him to admit he doesn't actually know shit about my life, and it's all him projecting whatever allows him to feel superior to me. Instead, he waltzes into the tropes of toxic masculinity.

And people are taking his side?
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