Re: This guy is such a fucking complete and total loser..

Date:2019-03-08 13:25:17
In Reply To:Re: This guy is such a fucking complete and total loser.. by Chris F5
And calling people racist because you can't win an argument like you did to Nick automatically changes the terms of engagement..
I called the philosophy he, and you, were defending tolerant of racism and bigotry. If you look, I did explicitly say I don't believe Nick to be that himself.

You keep playing this liar game with me.Deflect 101,make up something ambiguous to accuse person of that is making you look foolish and exposing everything.
There was nothing ambiguous. I called out exactly what you lied about, and rather than take the opportunity to throw it in my face and prove you were right the whole time, you start calling me names like you're on a playground and still think smelling your farts is high humor.

Freud would have a field day with you, considering the first thing you thought of when you wanted to call me weak was comparing me to a menstruating woman. Sounds like you have some issues beyond your anger.
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