Re: This guy is such a fucking complete and total loser..

Date:2019-03-08 03:56:38
Edited:2019-03-08 03:59:34
In Reply To:This guy is such a fucking complete and total loser.. by Chris F5
Still bleeding out of his man vag retarded 6 year old.
But he is too much of a coward to actually do this and too much of a loser to motivate to better himself so he is a professional internet bitch.
Nos is shit and should be treated as such,as are people of his ilk. Maybe if he had done something with himself instead of being a bitch
You spared no intellect coming up with all of that. You sure proved what you are.
You know what a real man would do
Get pissed off,get on a plane,come down here and take it himself without using government as proxy forcd
There's the attitude; a real man solves problems with violence. Nice.

I just want to point out, I have now called you out four times for lying about me, and every time you turn around and hurl insults rather than prove me wrong. It's almost as if... you know you're a liar who got caught lying.

Here's an idea; keep my name out of your mouth, and we can all go about ignoring each other.
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