Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this

Date:2019-03-07 17:55:50
In Reply To:Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this by Nosferatwo
When parents display neglect, or abuse, the children get moved somewhere they are less likely to be subjected to those things. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt at the start (for the most part - those who have already displayed destructive behavior may not get the same leeway), until they majorly fuck up.
Define "majorly fuck up".
Neglect, which was the word that started this, isn't 'irresponsible', it's criminal. When people are caught starving their pets, or otherwise neglecting them, they're taken away so they can be protected. Why would we protect a dog more than a child from harm?
Where exactly do you draw the line for neglect? I think we can all agree that not feeding your children constitutes neglect. Does not vaccinating them count? And if so, how do you guarantee you're going to move them to someplace better? What if they have loving but misled parents, and are moved into the foster care system where they are vaccinated but otherwise not treated as well?

You make this sound simple. I assure you it isn't.

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