Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this

Date:2019-03-07 17:23:28
Edited:2019-03-07 17:26:06
In Reply To:Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this by squarooticus
Having a functioning reproductive system doesn't mean you're able to be a good parent. Children are not property. People who aren't up to the job probably shouldn't have their kids, until they figure out how to do it.
The problem with statements like this is that they're principles that are completely unactionable. How do you translate this into policy? Start a pregnancy review board that will decide whether or not you have to get an abortion or not?
When parents display neglect, or abuse, the children get moved somewhere they are less likely to be subjected to those things. Everyone gets the benefit of the doubt at the start (for the most part - those who have already displayed destructive behavior may not get the same leeway), until they majorly fuck up.
Concretely, what do you suggest that would result in better outcomes than leaving children with mildly irresponsible parents?
Neglect, which was the word that started this, isn't 'irresponsible', it's criminal. When people are caught starving their pets, or otherwise neglecting them, they're taken away so they can be protected. Why would we protect a dog more than a child from harm?
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