Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this

Date:2019-03-07 13:35:46
Edited:2019-03-07 13:39:05
In Reply To:Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this by squarooticus
There's a practical problem with this: that outcomes from birth parents would have to be really bad for them to be worse than outcomes from the foster care system.
Why would the kind of parent matter to the outcome? Bad is bad, regardless of who is in charge.
I'm not sure a criminal offense that leads to children being taken away from misled but otherwise loving parents is a net positive, even if you don't accept the principle of broad parental discretion.
Having a functioning reproductive system doesn't mean you're able to be a good parent. Children are not property. People who aren't up to the job probably shouldn't have their kids, until they figure out how to do it.
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