Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this

Date:2019-03-06 12:55:00
In Reply To:There should at least be civil liability if you're unvaccinated and walking around in public... by T.J. Swoboda
It's basically impossible to prove that any one person is responsible for any one infection. Think about how difficult it is to obtain civil judgments against polluters, and then make it even more difficult and less remunerative in the off chance you win.

I'm not sure there's a good solution here that both preserves individual liberty and protects others. But since there's compelling scientific evidence that herd immunity is effective and that vaccines are safe, I'm okay with using government regulation to enforce pretty severe restrictions on unvaccinated people.

I would not be in favor holding someone down and vaccinating them against their will, but I would not be opposed to prohibitions on being in public (enforced by fines) as a very ugly carrot. If you want to go off and live in the hills, go for it; but stay away from civilization.

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