Re: Name one organized religion that's not chockablock full of pedophiles?

Author:Rev. Wally Real
Date:2019-02-28 18:50:43
In Reply To:Name one organized religion that's not chockablock full of pedophiles? by Russ
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Russ proclaimed:
You can't because that is even more absurd than your belief in your god.
Yes, I can! It's called the Church of Reality! :)

Reality is our God
Science is our Bible
Evidence is our Scripture
Big History is our Creation Story
Ecology is our Theology
Integrity is our Salvation
Positive Evolution is our Mission
FYI, the founder, Marc Perkel, recently passed away from lung cancer. I wa a member for about 20 years, quit, but recently came back after Marc got ill. Anyhow the CoR never made a big impact on World Religions, but if you want to get the gist of of it, I recommend starting here:

Don't get me wrong, I'm agnostic (yeah, we're the spiritual equivalent of a moderate) and I understand the comfort that comes from stories, even if their purpose is to help someone live a meaningful life that benefits society; however, power and secrecy are the religious equivalent of a speedball. This peculiar addiction has run rampant for millennia. The unscrupulous bastards have a predilection for preying upon the weak, feeble, and innocent.

Religion needs to evolve with the times. These ancient structures are as dated as Netscape, and as corrupted as pornhub harddrive (or so I've heard). They're in desperate need of an antivirus, disk cleanup, and a good defragging.
Marc developed the CoR from open-source concepts, one of the first open-source religions much like the Unix operating system.

Anyhow the pedophilia issue is complex, it has to do with spiritual concepts that the Roman Catholics aren't even talkin about such as the Annunaki, Reptilians, Draconians, Archons.

You know the Vatican Library has a "Secret" Library miles long? What do they have to hide? :)
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